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Business Mobile Packages

Partenred with the leading UK networks, Connect Telecom can offer you and your team business flexible mobile phone packages. If you have staff that work remotely or out on the road, they'll likely require business mobiles to communicate with clients on the go. With our suitable data plans we can ensure you have the right tarrifs for your requirements.

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Relationships with leading networks

We'll act as the middle partner between you and the network, ensuring you're receiving the best support and highest level of service.

Seamless transfer of existing services

During the process of either moving your mobile services to Connect Telecom or renewing your contract, we'll handle the whole process, including transferring your number, educating all of the team in terms of the process and even offer onstie support if it's required.

But why choose Connect Telecom for your business mobiles?

Excellent bundled deals

We provide excellent bundled deals if you need multiple devices for your team.

Partnered with the best networks

By partnering with the UK's leading providers, such as EE, O2, Vodafone and more, we can offer the best package for your business.

Fast, reliable & responsive support

Our business support, account management and technical team are on hand for any requests or changes you may need.

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