Data Cabling & Networking

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data cabling & networking?

Increase efficiency

Fast local speed

Improved reliability

Data Cabling & Networking

An essential part of any telephone system or computer network is ensuring that your network is built correctly. This involves the relevant routing, network switches and cabling requirements. Without ensuring this is done correctly you could suffer from severe network dropouts and loss of connectivity. In order to guarantee your efficiency, Connect Telecom can install a robust network bespoke for your requirements.

Network cables connected to a network switch.

Fast local network speed

During our installation, we'll ensure that your network is running at 1,000mbps speed (gigabit) speed. This offers instant communication speed between devices on your local network.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) capable

Some devices are capable of being powered by a network cable, removing the need for a power socket. This is called PoE. During our specifications we'll discuss the options of installing PoE capable devices to keep your infrastructure need, tidy & cost efficient.

But why choose Connect Telecom for your data cabling & networking?

IT background

With a deep knowledge of IT networks, we know exactly what any network needs to perform and function correctly.

Vast experience

Our technicians have installed countless networks, ranging in specification from small to large. We know what you need and why you need it.

Unified understanding

We have a deep understanding of both telephone & IT networks and we can install a suitable network to ensure all devices communicate correctly.

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