Mobile Device Management

Why do you need mobile device
management for your business?

Monitor your devices

Device security

Stop excessive costs

Mobile Device Management

Connect Telecom are a leading supplier of mobile device packages and in turn, you need to ensure those devices are protected and secure if they access business critical data. Mobile device management can limit excessive charges and exposure to malicious activity by managing devices such as phone and tablets from our central management platform.

A woman using a tablet device.

Restricted access to websites and apps

It's important to ensure that your company devices can only access necessary data, especially if you're managing a large team. We can create policies and push them to the devices remotely to restrict access to your requirements exactly.

Increased security of your devices

With devices having access to potentially confidential information such as email and data, it's highly important to be able to remove this data if required. With mobile device management we can remotely wipe any data if devices are lost or stolen.

But why choose Connect Telecom for your mobile device management?

Responsive support

Our team offer rapid and professional support for all of your remote devices.

Integrated management platform

For any requests, these can be made in our integrated platform that manage your devices.

Maintained & managed

Our support packages offer real-time management services so we can maintain and manage your devices quickly.

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