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Telephone Systems

Telephone systems are a critical part of almost every single business on the planet and it's also absolutely critical to have a working solution. When purchasing a new telephone system from Connect Telecom we ensure that you're getting the most out of your system by educating your team, ensuring that you're using modern and advanced technologies and doing the small things right to ensure your system works seamlessly. Every client is different and with that brings unique requirements which we completely understand and configure specifically to your request. We have completed a thorough test of all leading telecommunication platforms and can tailor a telephone system bespoke for your business while keeping feature-rich technologies, simple commands and reliable solutions in mind.

A VOIP telephone handset.

Work from home and multi-site configuration

Keeping up to date with the latest advancements are vital for any business. With the rise of companies working from home, our hosted telephone system is ready to work from any location in the world with an internet connection. This means you can take your phone home, plug in to your internet connection and transfer calls as if you're sat in the office. This is perfect for any client that has home workers or potentially with multiple offices, so you can enable your team to communicate easily and efficiently.

Excellent customer service and a direct client focused approach

The problem with many telecommunication providers is they simply don't have the resource to provide a high level of service and companies often are left frustrated by the lack of care delivered when implementing a telephone system. During an initial conversation, we will identify your exact pain points, requirements and requests to ensure we install a fit-for-purpose solution that fits exactly what you need.

But why choose Connect Telecom for your telephone system?

Networking background

Our team have an in-depth knowledge of IT networks, which is where typical telecommunication providers let themselves down. By understanding the IT side of the equation we can ensure you have a fully working system with absolutely zero issues.

Robust telephone handsets

Partnering with leading providers such as Poly, Yealink and more, the physical handsets and systems we install are high range and top quality. As well as that, we can provide a life time warranty so that you have a guaranteed working solution!

Expert configuration

Too many times we come across companies with misconfigured platforms and telephone systems that don't do what they're supposed to do. Our team are highly trained and exceptionally knowledgable on our platforms and we'll ensure your configuration is correct.

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