Managed Wi-Fi

Why implement managed
wi-fi for your business?

Offer wi-fi for visitors

Wi-Fi for till systems

Wi-Fi for smart devices

Managed Wi-Fi

Many businesses across various sectors need a secure and reliable managed wi-fi service to ensure you can offer wireless signal to guests, clients and staff. Modern day devices such as mobiles, tablets, TV's, and more, all can require wireless signal and by installing a wireless system from Connect Telecom, we can guarantee you'll have strong coverage throughout your entire premises, whether indoor or outdoor.

A laptop using wireless/wi-fi connection.

All sectors and industries require wi-fi

We have all variants of clients that require wi-fi in their premises, such as:

  • Hospitality sector
  • Care industry
  • Indoor & outdoor events
  • Warehouses
  • Golf clubs
  • And much more...
  • Maintained and supported

    Once the installation is complete, we offer support moving forward for your wireless devices. If any requests are made, you can log on to your systems remotely to diagnose accordingly.

    But why choose Connect Telecom for your managed wi-fi system?

    IT background

    Having a background in IT, we know how your devices communicate and how IP addresses are handled.

    Secure networking

    We'll ensure that all networks are created separately and there's absolutely no possibility of leaving the network unsecure.

    Highly knowledgeable

    We have an in-depth understanding and knowledge after our countless wireless installations. We know what you need to ensure you're getting the most out of your wi-fi.

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