Leased Lines

Why implement a
leased line for your business?

Dedicated internet

Superfast speeds

Fast upload & download

Leased Lines

Leased lines are currently the highest grade internet that's generally available for all businesses. These are dedicated internet connections installed purely for you, unlike FTTC (Business Broadband) where you're sharing your internet with other local companies or buildings in the local area. We recommend all modern companies to install a leased line to guarantee their ability to connect to the internet in superfast speed.


Fast upload and download speed

When installing your leased line, there are many different speeds available. Once configured, you will receive the same upload AND download speed, which works much better than previous FTTC connection with a reduced upload speed.

Guaranteed service with SLA's in place

We're so confident that your leased line connections work without fail and we're also committed to ensuring the speed and connection stays up to standard by offering up-time SLA's. So your connection is guaranteed!

But why choose Connect Telecom for your leased line?

Managed installation

We'll liaise directly with BT, Virgin, or any chosen provider, to ensure the installation is handled professionally from start to finish.

Onsite configuration

Any specific network or router requirements will be handled directly by us and we'll ensure the configuration is bespoke to your network.

On-going support

Once the leased line is active, our support desk are well aware of your setup and are on hand to assist with any requests.

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