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Call Recording

There are many reasons why call recording is advantageous for any business. Some clients require call recording as a necessity, depending on their industry whereas others request call recording to be used for in-house training. Calls can be downloaded and played back to a staff member, where you can point out where and how improvements could be made. As well as that, returning to the call to hear back on a key point you may have forgotten to note down or you'd like to reflect on is easily possible.

A man listening to a call recording on a headset.

Fast download and easy playback features

Listening back to the call recording couldn't be easier. You can be given direct portal access with your own username and password, you login to the control panel, click download and within no time you have the audio file ready to play, in crystal clear quality.

Configured and supported with rapid response

Just like all of our other services, the control panel is supported and managed by the Connect Telecom team, so if you get stuck or need help, we're immediately on hand to help.

But why choose Connect Telecom for your call recording?

Correctly configured

We take high precaution when configuring any part of your telephone system and ensure your call recording is setup exactly as discussed.

PCI compliant

Any company taking card payments over the phone require to be PCI compliant and rest assured that our call recording services will satisfy all criteria.

Exceptionally supported

As with all services supplied by Connect Telecom, we ensure that we offer the highest level of support so if you ever need us, we're right here and ready.

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